Here you will find frequently asked questions regarding Social Spy's requirements, operation, features, and troubleshooting.


1. What versions of Windows will Social Spy run on?

Social Spy works on 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows NT, XP, 2000x, Vista, 7, and 8.

2. What versions of Mac OS X will Social Spy run on?

Social Spy works on Mac OS X 10.5 through 10.9.

3. What internet connection type/speed is recommended?

Social Spy will work over dialup internet connections, however the faster your connection's upload speed is, the faster you will be able to receive new screenshots to your Social Spy account. Most broadband connections can handle Social Spy uploading new screenshots every 2-3 seconds.

4. Does Social Spy require a lot of hard drive space for storage?

No, Social Spy does not store its screenshots locally so you do not need to worry about Social Spy consuming disk space for storing screenshots.

5. How fast should my computer be?

Minimum processor speed should be at least 500mhz, however the faster your computer is, the faster Social Spy will be able to capture screenshots and transmit them without impacting your computer's performance. Machines running single 1.5ghz processors should not have any problems capturing and transmitting every 2 seconds.

Usage / Features

1. Does Social Spy capture screenshots of everything?

By default Social Spy is set to capture screenshots every 10 seconds, regardless of what the user is doing. Screen capturing can be fine-tuned to capture only when certain websites or windows are in use, or if social networking sites, email and chat, or other internet activities are being used.

2. How fast can Social Spy capture screenshots?

As fast as once per second.

3. Can Social Spy email me alerts when certain websites or behaviors occur?

Absolutely - Social Spy can email you whenever certain websites, social networks, web services, online searches, chat messengers, email clients, or other applications are used.

4. How many screenshots can my Social Spy account store by default?

Social Spy can store 500 screenshots in your web-space before the oldest screenshots are overwritten with new ones. This limit can be increased in 500 screenshot increments for one time payments of $9.95


1. Social Spy is monitoring, but nothing is appearing in my Social Spy account

If you are not receiving updates to your Social Spy account please verify the following:

  • Your internet connection is enabled and active
  • Social Spy's screenshot capturing is set to capture activities that are being performed on the computer (i.e.: If you have it set to capture only social networking activity, but social networking sites are not being used, then screenshots will not be captured and transmitted)
  • You have not changed your Social Spy password since configuring Social Spy's account settings in the Social Spy software
  • Your firewall is allowing Social Spy to connect to on port 80

2. How can I exclude Social Spy from my antivirus?

To exclude Social Spy set your antivirus to ignore the Social Spy installation folder, as well as the file sspimg.dll in your Windows folder.

3. Social Spy displays a window that states it is monitoring the computer whenever it starts.

If you do not want the splash warning to display uncheck the splash warning display option in Social Spy's general options.

4. Social Spy is not sending email alerts

Please verify all of the points mentioned in Question 1 above. If you are positive activities are occurring that should trigger the email alerts then double-check your spam filters on your email account to ensure that the alert emails are not being blocked by your email provider, or flagged as spam.

5. Social Spy does not start when I turn my computer on

Please verify that you have one of the 'load on Windows startup' options enabled in Social Spy's general settings.



  • Visual Monitoring of Your PC or Mac from Anywhere in the world, 24/7

  • Captures Easy-to-View Screenshots of ALL User Social and Internet Activity

  • Monitors Your Computer in Complete Stealth

  • Receive Email Alerts When Specific Behaviors Occur

  • Compatible with All Windows Versions

  • SEE what your Child or Employee is
    doing Remotely, with Ease

  • 24/7 Web-based Access so you can
    View Activity at Any Time, Anywhere.

  • No Guesswork - KNOW how Your Computer is being Used at All times

  • Install and Monitor in Minutes - Extremely easy to Install and Use

System Requirements

Processor: Intel-based, 500mhz minimum
OS: Windows NT/200x/XP/Vista/7/8 (32 or 64-bit) or Mac OS X 10.5 - 10.9
Memory: 128MB RAM minimum
Hard Disk: 2MB disk space minimum
Internet Connection: Broadband recommended

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