Social Spy is a cutting-edge computer monitoring tool that runs on your computer and invisibly captures screenshots of all user behaviors and activities and stores them online in real-time in your Social Spy account for convenient viewing, 24/7. Nothing is stored locally on your computer, and you never have to access your computer to view captured activities.

Social Spy captures screenshots of EVERYTHING a user does on your computer, and then transmits them to your online Social Spy account in real-time for remote viewing.

Social Spy's customizable screen capturing can capture screenshots of social networking activities (such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and blog sites), email and chat usage, Internet activities, or EVERYTHING that the user does on your computer. This customizable screen capturing allows you to see what you need to see, without having to browse through other uninteresting activity. Screenshots can be captured and transmitted up to once per second. Additionally, email alerts can be sent to you when specific behaviors occur.

  • View Social Networking Activities on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and more! See everything users do - including chats and messaging.

  • View Email and Chat Activities regardless of what email client (including webmail) or chat service is being used!

  • View All Internet Activity including online web searches, website visits, videos viewed, web cam activity, and more. Social Spy sees everything!

  • Receive Real-time Activity Alerts via Email when users visit specific websites, use chat services, participate in social networking sites, or other specified activities.

Flexible Screenshot Capturing

Behavior Alerts via Email

Social Spy is unique in that you never have to access your monitored computer to view activities recorded. This means you will never have to covertly access your employee's or child's computer when they are not around to see what they have been doing on your computer. To view captured activities you simply point your browser to this website and login to your confidential and secure Social Spy account.

Screenshots can be sorted automatically by social networking sites and web services, or you can perform quick searches for keywords to find the activities you want to see. ALL captured screenshots can be saved to your computer with a single click. Additionally, screenshots can be played back in an automated slideshow for extra convenience.

  • Secure 24/7 Web Access to Logged Screenshots

  • View Screenshots Online, or Download for Offline Viewing

  • View Screenshots in an Automated Slideshow

  • Search Screenshots for Specific Activities, Keywords, Times, and more.

Easy-to-use Screenshot Gallery Display

Quickly Find Relevant Screenshots

Social Spy is designed to run an in invisible fashion so that it will not alert the user it is running. It will not appear in the Windows task manager or Mac OS Force Quit list, and it will not reveal itself to the user, ever, if so desired. Screenshots are always transmitted 'behind the scenes' so that computer usage is not interrupted.

Your Social Spy software and account are both password protected so only you can access them. While being a secure, stealth computer monitoring software solution, Social Spy is incredibly easy tool to use. You only need to enter in your account details after installing and you will be set to start monitoring your computer.

Social Spy will work on all versions of Windows and offers 24/7 support via our online helpdesk.

Social Spy's Intuitive User Interface


  • Visual Monitoring of Your PC or Mac from Anywhere in the world, 24/7

  • Captures Easy-to-View Screenshots of ALL User Social and Internet Activity

  • Monitors Your Computer in Complete Stealth

  • Receive Email Alerts When Specific Behaviors Occur

  • Compatible with All Windows Versions

  • SEE what your Child or Employee is
    doing Remotely, with Ease

  • 24/7 Web-based Access so you can
    View Activity at Any Time, Anywhere.

  • No Guesswork - KNOW how Your Computer is being Used at All times

  • Install and Monitor in Minutes - Extremely easy to Install and Use

System Requirements

Processor: Intel-based, 500mhz minimum
OS: Windows NT/200x/XP/Vista/7/8 (32 or 64-bit) or Mac OS X 10.5 - 10.9
Memory: 128MB RAM minimum
Hard Disk: 2MB disk space minimum
Internet Connection: Broadband recommended

Thank you for all your support and great customer service I will continue to recommend your product based solely on this. As I mentioned previously, your product has great reporting features and is very user friendly where others are lacking.


Your product has kept my teenager in a "manageable" position. Right now he thinks I have some kind of supernatural "mom" powers. So let me say thank you!

Your time and attention will not be forgotten!


It has really helped me be informed with what is going on with my kids. The first day, I learned of a plan to skip school and a big drinking party planned that night. I was able to stop these from happening without letting on to your software. This needs to be in every home and I'd love to help parents in my area to use it.


We are going to use this program to protect our company assets. We need to make sure no one is steeling our code or any of our information along with making sure employees are actually working. We have used your program in the past and it was very effective. Thank you.



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